In the footsteps of European legends

We started our journey within the framework of the ERASMUS + programme to get to know other nations’ customs, lands and culture. This webpage was created to tell the story of the ‘European legends – national literary heroes’ project.

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The idea 

The ’Read More!’ competition, whose aim is to promote reading in Hungarian on an international level, was launched 10 years ago. This gave the idea of European legends, so we started the ERASMUS + programme. We searched for partners, became applicants and then winners, who want to fulfil their dreams. We can promise it won’t be up to us…

That’s how it started: let’s go to Portugal!

The ocean beneath us

It is a gorgeous, elevating, yet fearful sight. The ocean! The rumbling and the unstoppable force shows how small we are…

Running into infinity

Gazing into the past gives the myth of immortality. This is what legends are about. There is something eternal. Here we could catch such a moment…


Our legends

Our journeys

The compilation from the videos of the first teachers’ meeting was created by Pedro Vargas (Santarém, Portugal). The presentation of the journey can be downloaded here: LINK

Photo albums (Santarém)

Photo albums (Debrecen)

Photo albums (Cittanova)

Photo albums (Transylvania)

Photo albums (Sicily)

Video album (Sicily)

Don’t forget: “History is life’s teacher”

Historia est magistra vitae.