A csodaszarvas legendája

Az erdélyi diákok kisfilmje a csodaszarvas legendájáról.

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Erasmus 2019
Hungarian Writing Group
Rewriting the „Legend Of The Miraculous Hind”


Chapter 1: A New Beginning

The anger was over, that she does not fight, and what if. The grief was only peeking from a corner of the window, which let less and less light into the room day by day. They knew it was coming, and it arrived that day. The wring became weaker, the pupils expanded, the chest rose and with the last breathe a previously unknown silence covered up the room. Space expanded and time turned into a behemoth of foot spending.
The mother was taken away, but the smell of death pervaded the house. It seeped itself in every wall, darned each and every corner, blackened all the ceilings. They lie as if they were shrinking. They were sure, that they won’t be able to sleep.

The green colour of the forest with the water’s blue sparked the space. He felt himself floaty, just as air. For not to be blown away, he grabbed the grass with his naked toes. Taking a deep breath, he inhaled the joyous singing of birds,the silent flood of water and the confidant whisper of trees. An unexpected noise alarmed him to look to the left. He sighted a hind with the eyes of innocence and peace at the coast of the well.

Waking up to easier breaths, he realises that his sister is not in her bed. He goes to the kitchen to find her. As he is walking he is thinking about his dream. More accurately about the hind. It’s eyes were so seductive, they must hide something secret. They were somehow familiar.
The kitchen is empty, he looks at the living room, and notices that the entrance of the attick is opened. Climbing up the ladder he shouts for his sister but gets no answer.

  • Hey! What did you find? – asks her as he arrives to the loft.
  • A photo album. 
  • Mom’s?
  • Yep.
  • Show me! – grabs it and a picture falls out accidentally.

It pictures a great hind. The boy raises it to the window and her sister shouts:

  • There’s something at the back of it! – turns it to his brother.

„We mustn’t  forget where we come from,
even if the world changes.
Light is in the heart of those,
living faithful to their ancestors’ belief”.

  • What does this suppose to mean? – asks his brother.
  • No idea. 
  • Is it written by mom?
  • Seems to be.
  • Then she must have written it for a reason.
  • Or she just liked this quote.
  • She wasn’t like that – and her eyes get covered by tears.
  • True – answers the brother but he is thinking about the hind, that it is here too, just as in his dream.
  • Well! – cries out his sister.
  • What?
  • The first letters add up a word. Well!
  • Then we must go there!
  • Why?
  • I’ve seen one!
  • You too? – looks at his brother being very surprised.
  • You also? – asks her being wondered.
  • Yup.
  • And the hind?
  • As well.
  • Let’s go then! – suggests the brother with an unexplainable enthusiasm.

Chapter 2: Water

Through the streets, the orchards of the suburb and the field on the brink of the town. The smell of red poppies covers the land, and the siblings are searching for childhood memories that can lead them.

396 – they look at each other as they arrive to the stump of the sycamore. That many steps they are from the well. They used to go there with their mom and they always counted them. 

Silently counting, they countinue their journey. Getting nearer they can hear the babbling of the water and they arrive ashore. The rays of the Sun sparkle on the waves, the fish are calmly swimming underwater.  A hind pushes through the trees along the well. The kids further back while the animal moves to the shore.  They are watching its moves but the girl’s eyes ramble and she notices a leather flask stuck between two rocks. Based on its appereance it’s really old. The leather is dark, the lamina on its side is rusty.

  • Look! –points the girl at the bottle.
  • Oh wow! – gets up the boy.
  • Do you think we could pick it out?
  • Let’s try – says the boy and with a little effort he disengages the bottle. While he is examining it, he realizes that the lamina relief shows an animal. A hind!
  • Hey, it’s gone! – pokes the sister his brother.
  • Then hurry up! We need to follow it or else we lose its trace – explains the brother but before moving on, he drips the bottle in the water.

Fortunately the footprints can be seen so they silently amble along. 

Chapter 3: Fire

That’s something new! – said the girl while looking for the lost trace of the hind.

-What? – asked his brother looking up, and he immediately spotted the cave.

-I’m not going in there for sure!

-Yeah, you can stay here, alone! – said the guy  winking at his sister, as he approached the cave.

– I hate you!

The girl, ambling after his brother was trying to find some matches. The cave didn’t let much sunshine in, so his sibling lit a torch and kept walking ahead. 

-This is so creepy- she whispers.

– If all those things didn’t happen to us recently, I would also say that this is crazy! Wait, it’s getting wider here! – grops the boy around.

-Ok! This is it. We can make a fire here! – he ascertains.

As the fire lights up the cave, the sight gets better and better. This cavern is everything, but spacious. The surface of the walls is even. The warm or the light starts to expose some mysterious patterns on the walls – maybe  horsmans. Two ahead, and a horde behind them. Afore the two leader, there is something else. Another horse? Alone? No, that can’t be a horse, its shape is somewhat different- there appear to be antlers on its head- a hind!

-The miraculous hind! –Shouts the guy as he steps closer.

– The legend?

– Of course! Our mother told us so much about it.

From bough to bough the warbler flies;

In song the voice to voice replies:

Fresh verdure decks the time-worn grave;

The tuneful lyre awakes the brave.

Away start forth to hunt the deer

The gallant sons of Enéh fair;

Twin heroes, Magyar and Hunor,

Whom Enéh erst to Ménrót bore.

-Mom knew this would happen- said the boy staring in shock.

-That we would find this cave?

-That, too. I believe she leads us the same way as the hind led Hunor and Magor.

– So that makes mom the miraculous hind?

– Something like that…

-Or, maybe… an angel – sniffs the sister.

-Eventually,  the miracuolus hind is angel too, right? – he tumbles his sister’s hair and they leave.

Chapter 4: Mother Moon

The moon is shining brighter, than usual. It’s almost midnight, but neither of them could close their eyes even for a minute of sleep.
She slowly pulls the curtain out of the way, while she is holding the silver medal she’d got from her mother in her lean hands. She tiredly stares outside, with huge black circles under her eyes, when her brother suddenly rushes in her room. Without saying a word, he grabs her arm and they both run to the other room. He immediately turns her towards the wall facing the window.

  • What is this? – she stutters.
  • I think ancient Hungarian runic writing.

Her eyes suddenly light up, runs into her mothers room and gets back with a huge book a moment later. They sit down and start to decode the script.

  • Tserof. This book is not good! – she says sadly.
  • It’s written backwards!
  • Forest? Forest! – her enthusiasm comes back in a second.

Under the open sky, the Moon seems to be more lively as they are walking.

  • A coffee would have been nice – she says while rubbing her eyes.
  • You’re little and you also know mom wouldn’t let you – smiles at his little sister and pats her in the shoulder, when notices that her medal is shining.
  • Is that the one you’ve got from mother? – he asks.
  • Yup – she answers and touches the necklace. She feels surprised, when she realizes that it’s warming up.

During the journey, it’s getting hotter and hotter, so they put it into their bag. They have been wandering around for hours, both of them are feeling quite upset.

  • You know what? It’s better if we stop here and have a rest.
  • Why here? We didn’t even find a thing.
  • Tired like this, we won’t. We can call for the night at this tree.

They soon fell asleep.

The Full Moon illuminates the clear with light. The darkness of the evening falls into blue and the details can be seen even from here, the edge. In the middle of the wilderness there is a big fire that a hind dances around. It is like the Earth is responding to his podiums. The Moon then launches a silver beam into the fire and then moves the light to the deer’s forehead. The deer bends with his eyes closed, and when he opens them again, they shine just as the Moon does. The light channel flips back to the Moon, where it rotates in a spiral around it with to the rhythm of the hind’s dance. It dances around the fire seven times, then heads North.

Chapter 5: Air

They woke up to bird singing in the morning. Above them they notice a bird’s nest and a birdie feeding her chicks in it. The girl’s eyes become tearful as her mother comes into her mind. She does not prepare breakfast for them anymore. The boy sighs, the memories inundate him as well.
Birds are flitting between the surrounding trees, when suddenly one of the melodies become ominously warbling and all the birds fly away. A saker lands on a branch of the tree above the siblings, dropping a seed in the boy’s leap, reflecting majestic greetings from its eyes, then flies away. The birdies are slowly coming back. The siblings take a look at the seed among the charming melodies. They can’t identify it, so the boy takes it in his pocket. They don’t believe in coincidences anymore.

  • We should go now – he suggests.
  • I wish I had strength for it. I’m starving! – says the girl.

The boy draws out the apples from his bag. 

  • Both are yours, I’m fine without it now.

The girl hugs her brother, who rolls back his smile and distracts fast:

  • Did you see her too?
  • Yes. 
  • North, right?
  • Uhumm – nodded mouthful the girl and they started off.

They are sure now, that they see their mother as a deer and that she leads them to a goal.

Chapter 6: Earth

It was strange at the beginning, however they knew,  what they do was right. Even if they didn’t know  how to carry on, they got a kind of intuition, which helped them to find out what to do next.

As they go deeper in the forest, they find a clearing with rich, green grass and colourful wildflowers. Suddenly they feel as if they have been there. Everything feels so warm and welcoming. As they are walking forward, the boy spots a stag skull. Its antlers have already been overgrown by fresh branches of a bush. The gril gets closer and examines the skull thoroughlier. His brother is searching for the flask. Suddenly, the objects start to flounce.

  • What? – looks up the boy.
  • They are vibrating – points the girl at the objects.
  • Probably we should do something with them.
  • What if we buried the seed? 
  • We can’t do anything else with it – says the boy as he drills a hole into the ground.
  • Here is the water from the spring. Perhaps we should sprinkle the seed with it!
  • As he is pouring the water on the seed, his sister’s medal starts to glow.
  • Give it to me! – says as he reaches for it.
  • The girl looks at him with doubt. If they’ve gone so far, why would they stop right before the end?  – she calms herself. The boy stands up, takes a step backwards and throws the necklace into the hole, where the seed lies. Immediately, dark altostratus clouds blanket the sky. They are seeking the Sun. Suddenly they hear cracking noises and looking there very fast they see the antlers of the skull growing higher and wider. In a few seconds,  a huge tree stands before them instead of the skull and the hole. The clouds start to vanish and as they look up to the sky millions of stars are looking back to them.

Chapter 7: Father Sun

In the distance a star appears to shine brighter than all the others. The tree starts to beam and the wind calms down. They are amazed and scared either. As they hug each other, their hearts beat at the same time, for which the earth respondes with a great beat too. As a result, that particular shiny star starts to approach. The siblings are standing riveted to the earth. The girl starts to croon their mother’s favourite song. Soon his brother defeats the knot in his throat and joins her. This is how they are watching the approaching light. As it gets closer and closer, the pulsing of the earth becomes more intense. When it is close enough, they perceive that it consists of more shiny points.

  • Deer! – cries out the girl and collapses.

His brother kneels beside and embraces her. He can’t even hold back his tears. Not far from the two crumpled children, the earth meets the sky, and the deer herd arrive with majestic grace.

  • My dear children! – says the head of the herd.

Hearing this the siblings start to sob.

  • You know, I’ve never left you! I am proud of you for finding here and summoning the tree of life! This tree connects the worlds. Ours with yours. The ancestors are watching from the celestial world we have come from now. They never left you too. You must preserve the ancient knowledge left by their true words, because it protects and recreates! It is painful to see our nation scattered like this. The ancestors knew that if they awake two clear souls, the ancient soul would live on by you. There are many of you in the world, who are all brothers. Stick together, your bloodline is one! Together you have to try for completeness in order to set this world back to harmony! Bless you, be strong! I love you, and it is the strongest energy of the world. Love each other!

Then the deer herd caught back into the sky, where with the retreat of the tree, Father Sun appeared, even in more vivid splendor and greater gloss. The siblings bring this light. The knowledge they have acquired on the road, they will never forget and will continue to hand down. 

On the greatest star trail scuds a deer herd.Beautiful, majestic deer. On their forehead, the dawn star, the Sun on one of the antlers, and the Moon on the other. They go to the infinite source that they drink together. These are the hinds of the nations, representing their souls as one, and they move together up there. Because we are one, from the same source.