Santa Íria legendája

Ez a kisfilm Portugáliában készült Santa Íria szobránál.

Ezt a kisfilmet az erdélyi gimnazisták csinálták Santa Íria legendájáról

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The stones that rise from the water


More than the religious story, in this tale we can find the human side of the legend of Santa Iria. Love (in an obsessive way), passion, desire, religious devotion, but, at the same time, jealously, vengeance and pure evil.

It all happened more then 12 centuries ago, in the time of the Visigoths, but the main action occurs in the year 1644, when the monument in honour of Santa Iria was built, in the banks of River Tagus. As they watch the works in the monument, a sinister old man tells the story of Iria to a curious boy who never heard about the saint...

Humberto Duarte

The stones that rise from the water

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