Virtual part: 4. 7. 8. JUNE 2021. (Google Meet)
Live part: 13 -18. JULY 2021.
KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

As soon as the Transylvanian virtual mobility ended in spring, we started to organise the final mobility of our European Legends-Literary Heroes Erasmus+ project as a blended mobility.

In the preliminary online discussions a group of co-ordinators decided that the online sessions would take place on three consequtive days at the beginning of June.

The group of teachers participating in the project continuously prepared for the virtual mobility. We kept in touch with the students online in Google Meet, then we met them in person in the school library.

Our creative work involved several phases.

First of all, the students had to know the text of the Sicilian legend. They filled in an online comprehension test that the Sicilian partners compiled about the Colapesce legend. After that by relying on dramapedagogical methods they made a film etude. Guided by their teachers the students resorted to folk dance, ballet, hip-hop while reinterpreting the legend.

The shooting of the film etude took place in the Eco Center of Poroszló. The reason behind this was that the huge acquarium there reflected the atmosphere of the underwater world. After editing the short film the students were getting ready to present it in the online mobility.

The last mobility of the European Legends project took place in Barcellona P.G. from 4th to 8th June. Its first part was held online due to the COVID restrictions. The cooperation among the partners was intensive before the start of the virtual mobility aiming to define the methods of the presentation and the reinterpretion of the legend of Colapesce. The original aim of this mobility was the dramatisation of the newly created legend but because of the vis major situation the partners coped with the task by using different methods.

On 4th June, the first day of the mobility, the partners watched the presentations of multimedia and non-multimedia products created by the students in collaboration with their teachers. The Hungarian and Transylvanian teams presented their product that they made together, the other partners summarised the work students individually made. Various methods were used: dramatisation, directing, acting, dance choreography, choosing locations, lyrics, settings for a short movie, filming, editing. Other contributions involved creative writing, illustrations, writing a poem or prose. The Hungarian team made a film etude to enhance the most important motifs of the Colapesce legend relying on dance and music. The Transylvanian group made a short movie illustrated by drawings to relate the legend. The Calabrian, Sicilian and Portuguese students resorted to various techniques: poetry, music and drawing.

The students demonstrated that they fully achieved the objectives of the project and that they mastered multiple skills while creating the final product. They also gained knowledge of the legend of Colapesce, which thus has become part of their cultural heritage. The program continued with the lecture of the Sicilian tour guide, Mrs. Beatrice Lumia, who virtually presented a story relating Sicilian myths and their locations. Learning this information, the students showed their skills and knowledge by engaging in a Kahoot on the respective legend. The Sicilian team also made a video about Barcellona P.G., which allowed the partners to get to know the region and the school. The afternoon program involved a competition based on the creative works made by groups of students belonging to the various partner countries. They met in virtual classrooms to write a legend using various characters and locations of the myths presented by Mrs Lumia. Sicilian students coordinated the activity, the product of which was to be presented by 8th.

The meeting on 7th saw another fascinating presentation by Mrs Lumia on the history, the most significant monuments, traditions and customs of Sicily. The students also had to pay attention to the presentation, knowing that anything that was explained could be included in a questionnaire, a funny Kahoot. They were also asked to identify photos best representing the idea of the “E. L”. Every country had to select the pictures and submit them by 8th June.

The last day began with a roundup of the original and newly-created legends: Colapesce, Scilla and Cariddi, La Trinacria. The mentimeter vote ended with a draw between the red and the blue group. Then the students presented the photos explaining the reason for their choice. Another mentimeter sanctioned the victory of the Liceo di Reggio Calabria. The final mentimeter feedback showed the majority of smiley faces for the Sicilian virtual mobility. All the partners were satisfied with the results of the project emphasising the specific bond making us a family. The delivery of the virtual certificates of participation was the final episode of the mobility.

Due to the pandemic restrictions only 3 out of the 5 partners could participate in the live mobility in Sicily. The participants tried their best to involve the other two partners by getting in touch with them online. While being in Sicily we Hungarians travelled to those locations that were connected to the legend of Colapesce and made short films in the places where the legend might have taken place. As the focus of the Sicilian mobility was theater performance, our students presented the film etude whenever it was possible in the breathtakingly beautiful authentic locations of the legend. In this way we had shootings in the Greek theater of Taormina as well as on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea. We are planning to extend the original film etude by adding these parts.

As for the benefits of the mobility, the students got to know various techniques, they learned from each other while co-operating in the international online teams. They also became familiar with the traditions, myths, legends and history of Sicily. They further developed their English and Italian language skills, especially their communication and writing skills. They became a lot more confident than before. 

The teachers also gained valuable experience and could brush up their methodological repertoire while co-operating with their ERASMUS partners. In Sicily they also met those colleagues who they earlier had not been able to meet in person due to the COVID restrictions. During this co-operation teachers and students could also develop their foreign language competences.

Perhaps the most important benefit of the project was that we could be members of a large ERASMUS family, which is a bond that goes beyond simply working together on a project. What else could be the real benefit of an international project than feeling this bond and keeping in touch even after the end of the project student and teachers alike?

In the future all partner schools endeavour to maintain this good relationship. We are planning to become sister schools, establish a stronger co-operation among the school authorities, which may result in accomplishing new international projects together for example:

  • submitting a new KA220 (SCH) project together with 3 out of the 5 former partner schools: (Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese).
  • a new common eTwinning project of the Hungarian and Portuguese schools. 
  • the participation of the two Hungarian schools in the good practice Read more! promoting reading.

All the participants profitate from such an international project. They not only widen their international relationships but they also establish more profound co-operation with those local national schools that participate in ERASMUS projects. They can mutually help each other in various platforms sharing experience and knowledge as members of this large ERASMUS family.

Here are photos of some of the events that we also made a short film of:

The team of Ady students and teachers that made the short film in the Eco Center of Poroszló

Virtual mobility

With our Sicilian hosts

At the Greek theater in Taormina

What did our students gain from this mobility? The answer can be found in the word cloud made out of the students’ key words .

We are concluding this report with some extracts from the students’ travelogue:

 „I do not know where to start. Some time has passed since the journey but for me it is still as if it happened yesterday. I firmly believe that these 6 days were the most wonderful week of my life. I am extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to spend some time in Sicily, in this wonderful place, and be with equally wonderful people. My totally unbiased opinion is that we had this adventure with the most fantastic teachers, who not only took care of us but they were also our surrogate parents. We returned from this journey as a large family. From this time on, when I meet these people, teachers and fellow students in the corridor of the school, I will remember the common experience we shared and my heart will be full of love. This journey taught me that nothing is impossible, you can indeed achieve anything your heart desires. You can travel wherever you want. This journey to Sicily encouraged me never to give up, be courageous, be a globe trotter. Anyhow, I have to meet my reputation and be Ms Adventuress. 😉 Thank you for this opportunity my dear Teachers, and I also thank my fellow students for the experiences I could share with them. I hope we will have a lot of new adventures in the future. Thanks for everything wonderful Erasmus!”

„ I have gained such experiences from this Erasmus program I never believed I could be part of before. I remember that having heard about the project I was considering whether to apply for it or not. I did not believe I could be among the chosen students. I am very grateful for having made this decision. When I had an exchange student from Sicily, I was very happy to be a host and get to know these wonderful people. I will never forget the friendships in Sicily, and the week I spent there, which became my best holiday. I enjoyed every second of it. I feel immense gratitude to everybody, especially Ms Zsuzsa Peternai, who made this dream come true. I do not know how to express my gratitude to her and the other teachers. I could not wish for a better farewell to my school than this ERASMUS journey with these precious people. Thanks for everything.”

„I am unbelievably lucky to have been able to visit this wonderful country with these fantastic people. I gained a lot of experience as a drama student since we visited locations like the Teatro Massimo Opera Theater, where we had an English-Italian guided tour. The well-deserved visit to these historical and natural beauties was evidently preceded by a lot of work, rehearsals and finally shootings back in Hungary. We spent a lot of time with making the choreography that we had to perform as perfect as possible. We knew all to well that we would need to record it not only for the sake of the short video but we also have to perform it at various locations in Sicily. Finally, we had the most memorable performances at significant locations like the Greek Theater in Taormina and the main square of Palermo. Sometimes in my dreams I am still walking along the main street of Palermo, stop at Quattro Canti, then I turn right, enter the shop of the most famous cannoli vendor, come down with a quick sugar poisoning  since this Sicilian dessert is unbelievably sweet. When we returned from this long and adventurous journey, we hugged each other and said farewell as members of a large family, which we actually became during this week: a real big FAMILY”