23th – 28th OCTOBER 2019
KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

The third transnational meeting of the Erasmus + KA2 project “European Legends- National Literary Heroes” was held from 23rd to 28th October 2019 at  Liceo Scientifico Statatle “Michele Guerrisi”, in Cittanova , Italy.

The people who took part in the mobility were 39: 4 teachers and 6 students from the coordinating country (Hungary); 4 teachers and 6 students from Transylvania (Romania), 3 teachers and 7 students from Portugal, the Principal , 2 teachers and 7 students from Sicily (Italy).

All members from the participating countries were welcomed on their arrival at Gioia Tauro train station on 23rd October afternoon and accompanied by the teaching staff of Liceo Guerrisi and by the host families to their accomodation.

Dinner was offered to the teachers at the Principal’s house, where a pleasant and friendly atmosphere was created. It was also an occasion to speak about the programmme of the week, mentioning the activities, the workshops and lectures included in the schedule . 

We planned three excursions for our guests: to Reggio Calabria and Scilla, to Gerace and to Taureana in order to let them know about the legends of the Calabrian land, its poets, artists, saints, and at the same time to show them the beautiful Calabrian landscape rich in history and culture. During the study-visits, our students illustrated the places and the legends connected to these in English.

 On 24th October, in the morning, the Official Opening Ceremony took place in the main hall at Liceo Scientifico ”M.Guerrisi”. The Welcome Ceremony included a speech held by the Principal of the school Dr. Angela Maria Colella, a speech of the Mayor Francesco Cosentino, the introduction of the partners and their speech, interpreted by Arianna Sturniolo in English,. the Performance of the National Anthems of each country, played and sung by the School Choir.

After the initial greetings of the Principal and the Mayor, all the partners gave a speech emphasizing the importance of the event on a social and cultural level. A buffet was offered to guests, and later in the morning, the wellknown singer/storyteller Francesca Prestia sang her songs about a variant of Donna Canfora legend set in another part of Calabria, Catanzaro and other stories about women who underwent the same fate as Donna Canfora.

After the performance, teachers and students visited the school and the city gardens

Lunch was offered at the school canteen

In the afternoon presentations of the activities/works were made by the students in the main hall, conducted by Antonino Meduri from 4 D. After that our students proposed a Kahoot game about the legend of Donna Canfora and gave prizes to the winners.

Later on Arianna Sturniolo presented the results of the online tasksheets dealing with the Calabrian legend and announced the winners of the online text comprehension competition. The best 8 students got a reward for achieving the highest score.

After that, activities in the School Labs (for both Students and Teacher) featured: a) presentation of the work of creating a digital version of the legends (short animation video, using dedicate software –animation and sound editing – Adobe Premier Suite); b) a practical workshop in the Arts lab to show how the material appliances for a cartoon/animation are prepared (i.e. drawing a background on cardboard),creating single pictures, using a mobile for videoing.

IIn the late afternoon a teachers’ meeting was held in the room designated to Erasmus+ projects, to analyse  the evolution of the project and to plan the further mobilities .

On 25th October, in the morning a formal Lecture on “Myths, Legends and History” was given by Professor Saverio di Bella, Hemeritus Historian from Messina University (UNIME), followed by a Workshop on the “Reworking/Rewriting of Donna Canfora and other local legends” by the local writer Caterina Sorbara, and a performance of the ancient art of story telling and singing (cantastorie) by Antonio Castellano accompanied by Sergio Raso (a sample of the local form of the Donna Canfora legend). After that the contemporary writer and Philosophy teacher Gianfranco Cordì reported about the rewriting of Donna Canfora legend in a modern key The two contemporary writers Caterina Sorbara and Gianfranco Cordì played an important role in instructing students how to rewrite a legend.

Lunch was at a local restaurant in Cittanova.

In the arternoon, a study visit  to the Taureana archeological site and a trekking excursion along Donna Canfora Path took place. Our guests enjoyed the beautiful view and the marine landscape, where Donna Canfora legend is set, comparing the setting of the legend to that real environment (the blue colour of the sea, the bay, the port, the rocks).

After that the students returned to their families and the teachers had dinner together, at a typical Italian pizzeria.

On Saturday – 26th October, all the delegations went on a study visit to Reggio Calabria (capital city of the Province), to the Magna Graecia National Museum where ancient Greek finds and the famous Bronzes, which are a world attraction and symbol of our region, were admired. Lunch was enjoyed in the picturesque town Scilla by the sea, the place of the Scylla and Charybdis myth, Fata Morgana and other legends about the Strait of Messina, illustrated by Calabrian students. In the afternoon the typical fishermen village and the castle belonging to Ruffo Princes from Calabria were visited.

On Sunday 27th October, in the morning teachers and students visited the former house of the artist Ierace in Polistena, turned into a Museum still exhibiting copies of his sculptures and paintings, besides, the group had a tour of the cathedral and the historical palaces. The Study Visit reached Gerace, a picturesque Byzantine town on the Ionian coast, where lunch also took place.

In the late afternoon, at school final formalities for Attendance and Certificates took place, and were followed by a leave dinner party offered by the families and the teachers in the school canteen.

On the occasion of this meeting we tried to do our best to meet all the demands of the project and promote “cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices”.

Considering the positive impressions our guests had of the mobility in Cittanova , on the whole, we can say we are satisfied of the work we developed. The teachers consolidated their friendship, successfully cooperating with each other and enjoying the time spent together, thus emphasizing once again that reason and heart can coexist to bring different people and culture closer . All that made us feel as part of one single family once again. . The students could also develop their friendship  with each other and their host families; they could plunge in the everyday life of the host country, its culture, customs, traditions, food,  thus developing the cross-curricular skills , such as adaptability, self-discipline, tolerance, respect, initiative, oral and written communication.

 In the course of the the third  mobility in Cittanova we defined the time of the next meeting to be held in Transylvania from 22nd to 27th March 2020. Among the various agreements, we decided to share all the news, articles puplished in the press in our online group as well as on the respective webpages of the partner schools .

A satisfaction survey is going to be sent to all the students participating in the mobility in Cittanova.